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A Dragon Smirks(c)2018

This is my newest book featuring some of my oldest material. But thats not a bad thing! Within these pages are the best of the cartoons that previously appeared in DRAGON Magazine back during the 80s and 90s. Plus more than a few never before seen toons that deserved to be published but never were.  If you are a fan of fantasy role playing games, fire breathing beasts, knights or Game of Thrones this might be the best collection of gaming cartoons ever assembled.  Well its definitely the best collection of my gaming cartoons ever assembled... and thats something!  Click on the images to be transported to Amazon!


The PRANK(c)2009

I am particularly proud of this little gem. My first novel and somehow it ended up winning the Next Gen Indie Book Sellers Award in 2010 for Best Young Adult Fiction! Thats a pretty big deal!  I was invited to a big reception in New York and everything.  The PRANK is very loosely based on things me and my friends did to overcome boredom during the long winter months growing up in northern Minnesota. The novel features a group of friends who device a very clever UFO hoax on the sleepy town of Duluth Minnesota.  I am particularly proud of how this story is wild, funny, suspenseful and completely believable. There is really nothing in this book that could not really be done... But please do not try to make your own life sized flying spaceship (but its pretty cool to find out that you could).

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Coming Soon: Actual Factual Magic-A Simplified Guide to Walt Disney World

This will be the second edition of our popular independently produced guide to the most magical place on the planet. It is my goal to introduce you to all the fun and inspirational things that keep me returning to this place every year. Get your copy in early fall of 2018!  If you love Disney like we do join our Facebook Group ActualFactualMagic. And follow us on Instagram at ActFactMagic.  And of course come see our main website www.ActualFactualMagic.com !